We are funded by MRC, BBSRC, EMBO, British Council, Newton Bhabha, Erasmus and Wellcome Trust.

Medical Research Council
British Council
Newton Bhabha
Wellcome Trust

Some grants from Research Councils:

MRC Project Grant (2016-2019)

Project: Functional dissection of Condensin and Cohesin in atypical mitosis and meiosis in Plasmodium.

BBSRC Project Grant (2016-2019)

Project: Molecular and cellular dissection of kinesin motors in Apicomplexa to reveal roles in parasite proliferation

MRC Project Grant (2013-2016)

Project: Unravelling the molecular mechanisms regulating cell division in the malaria parasite

MRC Programme Grant (2010-2013)

Co-applicant with Prof Robin Leathborrow (Imperial College London, UK); Prof. Tony Holder (MRC, UK), Prof. Ed Tate (Imperial College London, UK) and Prof. Tony Wilkinson (York, UK).
Project: N-Myristoyl Transferase: a drug target for anti-malarial therapy.

MRC New Investigator Grant (2009-2012)

Project: Unravelling the genome wide function of protein phosphatases in malaria parasite biology.

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